Good employers listen to their employees.
If your employer hasn't yet pledged their support to our campaign, which aims to ensure that your accommodation needs are met, then please use the letter template below to encourage them.

Fifty Thousand Homes is a business campaign led by London First that aims to double house building in London to at least 50,000 homes a year, so that people can afford to live and work in our capital city.

While it is not the responsibility of business to fix the housing crisis, it is in the interest of employers to have a well-housed workforce.

The root cause of the crisis is that not enough homes have been built, but in an effort to encourage employers to help their staff with housing costs, we have created a set of Employer Housing Pledges, endorsed by Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London. 

The pledges are divided into four sections, concerning staff pay, flexible working, housing advice and financial initiatives, with paying the London Living Wage being mandatory. We have lots of resources to help business implement the pledges.

Employers such as the GLA, Deloitte, Grant Thornton, Westfield and Pinsent Masons have already signed. Our aim is to have 500,000 employees covered by the end of 2017.

Will you help us by encouraging your employer to pledge? 

  • Click on the above Word icon to download our template letter
  • Open the document in Word
  • Add in your HR Director's contact information
  • Fill in the areas highlighted in the document including the sign-off
  • Save the amended document under a new name
  • Email the document to your HR Director
  • If you do not hear back from them within one week, follow-up with a second email
  • Please encourage your fellow employees to do the same

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