Pledge to support your staff through London's housing crisis...

As London businesses rise to the challenges posed to staff wellbeing and productivity by the housing crisis, more are now asking what they can do to help. The Fifty Thousand Homes Campaign is a loudspeaker for London business and civil society alike to lobby for more and better homes. Now we are encouraging employers to do their bit too. 

The housing crisis effects all of us, whatever our income. The pricing out of young talent and the London workers who keep our city moving hurts all levels of society, and threatens London’s status as a beacon for creativity and enterprise. 

We know business shouldn’t have to solve the housing crisis. Only London’s Mayor and our National Government can build the homes we need to meet the target of 50,000 homes a year by 2020. But business can certainly play a leading role in helping this happen, and we can support our staff while we’re getting there. 

That’s why Fifty Thousand Homes have created a pledge to encourage businesses to assess staff needs, and commit to supporting those struggling with high housing costs and precarious accommodation.

Employers can pledge to help staff with financial support such as commuting costs or tenancy deposit schemes. They can commit to regular surveying of staff to assess and respond to housing needs, or even explore new means to help boost housing supply themselves.

You don’t need to be a large employer in order to pledge, but you do need to believe you can make positive changes within six months of signing up.

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