Iceni Projects

Iceni projects is a planning firm specialising in planning, delivery, transport, sustainable development, engagement, heritage and design.


Iceni pledge to...

  • pay all staff a minimum of the London Living Wage.
  • use suppliers who pay their staff a Living Wage.
  • offer a season ticket loan scheme to all employees.
  • provide support and technology to allow occasional home working for office-based staff.
  • be flexible with staff hours when employees are searching for a new home to buy or rent.
  • survey all London employees annually, to ensure the company is aware of the challenges facing staff in terms of housing. 
  • provide signposting for staff experiencing housing difficulties, about where to seek detailed advice.
  • begin scoping options for providing quality rental accommodation to employees.
  • commit to marketing the signing of these pledges both internally to staff and externally.

#HousingPledges  #HousingCrisis